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Empowerment Project's Rapid Response Activism

Since  9-11-01, we have been documenting the re-invigorated movement for peace and global justice - first on the streets of New York City immediately following the Trade Towers' collapse, then in February '02 at the protest against the World Economic Forum's corporate agenda in New York, in April when 75,000 protesters gathered to bring attention to the plight of the Palestinians, the School of the Americas, and the US military involvement in Columbia in Washington DC, and on October 6th in New York where 30 to 45 thousand people demonstrated in Central Park against the escalation of war in Iraq and the US foreign and domestic policies tied to this horrifying but not unexpected development. We returned to DC for the October 26th demonstration of over 150,000 and the February 15, 2003 march of over half a million in concert with over 10 million people around the world who stood up together to say no to war.  We continue to document the peace movements and release organizing videos. But merely being there to document is not enough. 

Going beyond the videotaping of activists, experts, and citizens whose voices are rarely heard, as well as celebrities and the occasional politician who still has a spine, we have successfully turned that footage into more than mere memorials of the events, but into documentaries that can be utilized as powerful organizing tools. 

Clips of our footage have been on Free Speech TV's World in Crisis and the new Mobile-Eyes programs within 48 hours of several of these protests, and streaming media versions are accessible on the web by millions.  

Empowerment Project's stand-alone programs follow within two to three weeks thereafter and are currently self-distributed to hundreds of groups who have used our videos for educating, mobilizing, fundraising, creating dialogue, and spreading the message of peace.

As the pace of destruction speeds up on the planet, so must our pace as a counterbalance. Through our programs, we get the word out that those not in support of Bush's foreign policy are not alone. Seeing for oneself the resistance in this country can mobilize people both here and abroad, and widespread distribution of this media is essential if we are to bring to fruition a united vision of justice and peace in these crucial times.
For more information about upcoming peace events, please visit United For Peace and Justice at

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