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What critics are saying about The Panama Deception

New York Times (Vincent Canby)
"[T]ough, provocative." "An answer to the official United States government line about the 1989 invasion of Panama. "The Panama Deception is very canny filmmaking. Its images are moving in themselves and beautifully edited."

Washington Post (Hal Hinson)
"[T]he issues raised in this meticulously researched investigation ... are plausible enough to lead us to the conclusion that the complete story of what happened in Panama has not yet come to light." "[D]oes a superb job of documenting its case which if only partially true has the distinct smell of a rat."

Los Angeles Times (Peter Rainer)
"The straight-ahead, no-nonsense film making lays out simply and forcefully the case against the 'official' version of the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama." "The explanations for the military intervention ... are dealt with singly and devastatingly."

Daily Variety (Emanuel Levy)
"[A] total dismissal of the official story." "The disastrous effects of the invasion are on display: massive carnage, brutality against innocent citizens, refugees living in poverty." "[The] most potent aspect is its merciless indictment of the news media (print and TV) as puppets manipulated by the White House."

Chicago Sun Times (Philip Blanchard)
* * * "The Panama Deception is advocacy at its most effective." "[P]aints a sorry picture of back-and-forth deceit between the United States and Panama." "[W]orthy and engrossing."

The Boston Globe (Betsy Sherman)
"Outstanding." "Hard hitting and well-constructed." "As Noriega became increasingly vocal in his criticism of U.S. policy, he was systematically turned into the comic book villain whose ouster was effected by Operation Just Cause, the military's name for the invasion."

Seattle Times (Jeff Shannon)
* * * * "No matter what your political leanings may be, this film should be considered mandatory viewing." "The Panama Deception uses video, still photos, news clippings and authoritative interviews to expose the Bush administration's hidden agenda behind the U.S. military's 26,000-troop invasion of Panama."

Philadelphia Inquirer (Desmond Ryan)
* * * "The Panama Deception makes the claims of the Reagan and Bush administrations seem like pure fiction." "Whatever the truth, you cannot leave The Panama Deception without feeling the military code name [Operation Just Cause] was one of the great misnomers of modem times."

San Antonio Express-News (Bob Polunsky)
* * * "More powerful than an Oliver Stone film." "[D]igs deep into American politics to uncover dirty deals." "Dramatic newsreel shots show how the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama shocked the world and defeated an innocent populace." "The film doesn't mince words. It makes a strong statement in a compelling style. The end result is downright scary."]

San Francisco Chronicle (Peter Stack)
"[P]resents a powerful argument that the invasion of Panama actually laid the groundwork for a scheme by the United States to keep control of the Panama Canal, which by treaty reverts to Panamanian control in a few years."

Boston Herald (Paul Sherman)
* * * "[H]ard-hitting and vigorously paced." "[A] cinematic Molotov cocktail." "[A]n effective chilling expose of the imperialistic and Orwellian nature of the . .. December '89 invasion of Panama."

Star Tribune Minneapolis/St. Paul (Jeff Strickler)
"[A] sophisticated, impressive and persuasive argument that the American public has been manipulated and lied to." "[W]ell-polished without being glitzy." "[I]ts approach is straight-ahead and to the point."

Daily News New York City (Harry Haun)
* * * "[A] chillingly convincing case that Bush had [Panama] brutally plundered."

Austin Chronicle (Maijorie Baumgarten)
"A welcome candle in the darkness."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (William Arnold)
"[A]n unblinking charge that the Bush administration engaged in a vicious, calculated campaign of atrocities and war crimes there." "The film's final argument-that the United States has become the passive victim of increasing government-controlled news media that failed to do their job in either Panama or the Persian Gulf-that is persuasive and chilling."

The San Antonio Light (Steven G. Kellman)
"The Panama Deception cannot be accused of understatement in its indictment not only of the Bush administration but of the networks, the wire services and the major dailies."

New York Newsday (John Anderson)
* * * 1/2 "The real monster in this tale is the United States [and] its military." "Most troubling, perhaps, is the evidence that the overkill that took place during the invasion which resulted in a grossly under-reported number of civilian casualties came about because we were testing weapons."

Daily News Los Angeles (David Kronke)
* * * "60 Minutes . . . with teeth." "[S]hows government mouthpieces as geniuses of double-talk." "[S]obering and persuasive."

The Oregonian (Ted Mahar)
* * * "The Panama Deception tells a scathing tale about clandestine arrangements between the U.S., CIA, and Panama dictator-in-training Manuel Noriega."

Twin Cities Reader (William Souder)
"The Panama Deception portrays the invasion for what it was the occupation of a neighboring independent state without cause." "It's as riveting as it is revolting."

The Progressive Magazine
"[T]he film does an excellent job of tracing the sordid history of U.S. relations with Panama, and makes a compelling argument that George Bush lied about his reasons for the invasion."

San Diego Union - Tribune (Michael Phillips)
* * * "[Shows] how military operations are born, engineered, and sold to the public."


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