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Days of Resistance  

Our latest anti-war video, produced and directed by Academy Award-winning director Barbara Trent, is a moving documentation of the growing resistance movement in the US. The tape consists of:

  • A half-hour program covering the October 6th rally in Central Park, organized by Not in Our Name. (30-45 thousand in attendance)
  • A half-hour program documenting the October 26th march in Washington, DC which drew 150 thousand demonstrators
  • A bonus five-minute montage of speakers and demonstrators reacting to this proposed war (produced in association with the North Carolina Independent Media Center.) 

Days of Resistance includes stage appearances and interviews with Jesse Jackson, Patti Smith, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, Gabriel Byrne, Al Sharpton, Ramsey Clark, leaders of a myriad of peace movements, and many more.

Hundreds of groups and individuals across the country have already used this video for organizing and educating purposes, including mobilizing for the January 18th   anti-war demonstration in D.C. and the Feb 15th rally in NYC. It has been seen on over 30 Public Access stations, on Free Speech TV (Dish Network), and in Europe and Japan.While the short five-minute montage is an invigorating introduction, appropriate for quick screenings at church services, community meetings, teach-ins, or dinner parties, the longer pieces can be used as more in-depth teaching tools, having already been used in university classrooms and on long bus rides to the nation°s capitol. All are beneficial in spreading the message of peace, creating dialogue, fund-raising, and membership growth; all of which go towards organizing against the possibility of this war. 

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