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Seizing Power
How perpetual warfare is turning the U.S. into an authoritarian security state. A new documentary in process.

The Jo Mac Solar Initiative
The inspiring story of how a group of determinted neighbors created their own community-based solar electric generating system.

Poetic Portraits of a Revolution
Spoken word poets recount their experiences of the Arab Spring in a compelling multi-media performance. See more at the PPR BLOG

Soldiers Speak Out
American veterans who have been to war, and are now opposing it.

The Panama Deception
Re-release now available: updated and expanded.


Peace Bird The Empowerment Project produces and distributes its own documentary films and videos, and provides facilities, training and other support for independent producers, artists, activists and organizations working in video and other electronic media. Its purpose is to work towards democratizing access to the media, and to provide the resources necessary to put the power of media in the hands of individuals and organizations working to further important social, political and artistic purposes. EP coordinates and supports progressive organizing efforts, conducts media training workshops, and operates a media center with access to video and computer facilities in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Founder and Oscar-winning documentarian, Barbara Trent, speaks at universities and other institutions around the country to help people become more critical consumers of the media and to shed new light on the social and political issues facing us today. EP operates the Old Oak Homestead as a center for learning and practicing sustainable living methods.

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